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Launching or reviving a brand without research is like launching a boat without a rudder. You’ll eventually hit land, but probably not where you had hoped. Our goal is to apply a systematic process to branding in order to achieve greater results for our clients. Research starts the process and we offer several options:

Our Deep-Dives provide the information you need to make smart decisions in today’s dynamic business environment. We can produce custom, accurate, in-depth, and timely white papers or presentations on most any topic. Deep-dives are easily distributed on the Web, at trade shows or used with media releases to enhance your brand image. Industry research, competitive analyses, technology trends are just a few of the topics to consider.


I developed a microsite to support a conference presentation that I recently gave on “gamification of higher-ed.” Here’s the link:

We can produce microsites, presentations, or white-papers on most any topic.

A Social Media Audit identifies your primary competitiors in the social space, top search phrases being used to find you and your competitors online and the key social communities frequented by your customers. Specifically, our team will; 1) Uncover search phrases or keywords being used to find you and your competitors online; 2) Locate popular online communities for your product/brand; 3) Identify specific product or brand discussions; 4) Assess tone/direction of discussions (establish sentiment score) and; 5) Suggest topics of interest to these communities.

Brand Fan Clubs are an ideal way to explore customer service issues, discuss new product concepts or they can be easily integrated marketing programs to kick-start word-of-mouth discussion online. Our team can design, build, and manage your own “invitation only” online brand community inside existing social networks, or create a freestanding platform based on your goals. Brand Fan Clubs are also a perfect platform to coordinate your ambassadors to generate online/offline buzz.

Research lays the foundation for success. The next step is turning the research into an actionable brand strategy.

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