I was selected to make a presentation at the Kentucky Innovations Conference near Cincinnati last week. The presentation was based on research I’ve been doing lately on gamification. Colleges and universities are somewhat new to the idea. Considering that today’s teens today average 1.25 hrs a day gaming, it makes sense for schools to look at how gaming might keep students more engaged and enhance their overall college experience.

Pepperdine’s business school is integrating http://www.veri.com/ in various classes and RIT’s School of Interactive Games and Media is launching an ambitious program this fall called Just Press Play. The university-wide program will encourage students to earn badges for activities such as going to the gym for the first time or getting A’s during a term. A clear objective is to increase retention with program and university awards.

I developed a special microsite to explore Gamification more fully at http://ipassages.com/athinkdemo/gamification