OK. Pandora does streaming radio. But, the ability to personalize media is the key to all future media, including TV. The video above is a vision of what TV will become.

The trends support these ideas. Consider that DVRs are now in 43 percent of the American households with televisions. Viewers who time shift programming and watch video-on-demand are expanding quickly. New products, like Dish’s Ad Hopper, allow consumers to essentially avoid ads in the recording process. Consumers are taking control of their programming decisions creating what is called “over-the-top” television. Television anytime on any platform is the future.

The big question for me is whether the present hub & spoke system of networks and affiliates is sustainable. When consumers can schedule programming themselves directly through the network or a provider, what role will affiliates play? Over-the-top TV will certainly play havock on the current ad model of network of television. More accurate viewer research will make the notion of “ratings” pass√©. Audience research will include very specific demographic and psychographic information. TV buys will be much more focused on viewer preferences, not simply the most efficient CPM. Loads more work for planners with ultimately less scale. What do you think?